Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring

2 videos

Review of Solving Equations by Factoring using the zero factor property.

Lecture 02

7 videos

Intro to microorganisms and immunology, including basic differences between organisms in the field of Bacteria.

Lesson 10: Conjugating words review

19 videos

This lesson is a big review of how to conjugate the nouns and verbs learned up to this point. A special focus is given to the word μιλάω and other words with the same ending.

Native Korean Numbers 1-10

1 videos

The numbers one through ten written in native Korean. Pronunciation is questionable.

Lesson 9: Conjugating Country Names and Nouns Ending in -α

21 videos

Review of homework from last class. Learned how to conjugate country names, as well as nouns like παιδί, κορίτσι, and αγόρι.

Korean Consonants

2 videos

The 14 basic Korean consonants paired with the vowel "ah".

Korean Vowels

1 videos

The ten basic Korean vowels paired with the silent consonant.

Lesson 8: Job Titles

19 videos

How the names of jobs depend on gender. Also includes a review of last lesson's material of counting to 1000.

Lesson 7: Counting to 1000

15 videos

This lesson covers how to count to 1000 and how to read telephone numbers. Also reviews last weeks homework assignment on conjugations and counting to 100.

test 2

1 videos

this is a test to see how well this application actually works on my I pad

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